I Went to SpiceWorld and I Never Wanted to Leave


Seeing as I’m only now waking up from a pretty long internet hiatus, I haven’t had the chance to share with most of you something pretty earth shattering that happened this summer :

I saw the Spice Girls. In London. Up close and PERSONAL.

Ever since I saw the movie when I was six – faux double decker bus of dreams flying across Tower Bridge, it’s been a dream of mine to see my personal heroes in the big smoke. Truly, I thought it would never happen. And then they got social media. And then there was talk of a tour.. perhaps. And then all hell broke loose once they released the dates and I booked flights and accommodation the second I secured tickets.

21 years later, it happened! And it was EVERY bit as magical, girl power filled, and rhinestone adorned as I could have ever dreamed it would be.

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STOP BUYING UGLY DOG TOYS : An Aesthetic Guide to Puppy Play Time


Okay y’all : a news update. Jon and I adopted this sweet, unbelievably gorgeous little monster at the end of May. His name is Martini (@martinithedragdog, rather) – and he’s fucking teething like crazy and has caused us to bleed on multiple occasions.

Cue: dog toys.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind ripped up, slobbered over, dirty tennis balls all over the place – this post (and blog, probably) isn’t for you. Move on. But if you get it – first of all, I love you. Secondly, Buckle. UP!
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My Instagram Theme Is a Massive Creative Buzzkill and It’s Not Cute™️


Full disclosure : I’ve fully become a prisoner to my very pink, Barbie fantasy Instagram theme. It breaks my heart to admit it, because it soothes my Virgo soul to see all of the gorgeous flamingo pink accents work in harmony throughout the grid. However, the grim reality is I’ve fully stopped even attempting to post because the opportunities to flood a photo with that much pink can be few and far between in daily life (no matter how much pink lipstick and sunglasses you wear..).

So, now it’s decision time : let my account go completely stagnant, or find other ways to find happiness on the platform.
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Rebecca Minkoff really DID THAT with the Edie Shoulder Bag : A review


Guys, I know the blog’s been a bit heavy with all of my life happenings lately. It’s a true reflection of what’s been going on, however it feels like a new season is very much in full swing (literally and figuratively) – and I want to embrace that light and joy wholeheartedly!

Is that a long way of saying “sorry the last post was about cancer, here’s a handbag review”? Kind of. But as an OG fan of Rebecca Minkoff, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the new addition to my collection with you – meet Edie.

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FYI : Cancer is a life sucking drama queen and I’m officially cancelling them.

Histologic image of oral squamous cell carcinoma. At least it’s pink.

So, you might have noticed I’ve been gone! (Probably not, but don’t hurt my feelings and affirm that, will you?)

I can’t remember how much or how little I’ve told you about what’s going on with my mom. Essentially, last summer she found a sore on her tongue – and it ended up being cancerous. She had a surgery, they thought it was gone. Then it popped up again on her jaw, because cancer is the worst. But, thankfully, they went in and got rid of that too! After that, we weren’t exactly sold on the quality of care she was getting in Boston – so she and dad packed their bags (puppies and all) and headed to Houston, TX for her to receive radiation at MD Anderson.

I’m so grateful she’s getting the best care. But I also feel the need to extend the biggest and best “fuck off forever, please” to the big old C word on this very blog that hasn’t gotten much love from me because I’ve been an emotional, tired wreck for the better part of a year.

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DIY Self Care Ideas : AKA, How I Preserve My Sanity When Everything’s Going to Shit


We’ve all been there, people. Some days, whether you like it or not – it’s 4AM, you’re up with a head full of doubts/to-do lists/general fears, and the likelihood of getting back to sleep are zero to none. That, annoyingly enough, was me this morning.

Honestly, I’d let you know what triggered it – but it might just be down to the fact that I have my period and had an absolutely fantastic tequila martini last night. Who knows. But, since the early wake up call and desire to do absolutely nothing but watch Hulu all day are out of my control – I’ll share my best tips on how to eradicate those grumps ASAP.

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To Jesus, Thanks for Everything! : How Jinkx Monsoon & BenDeLaCreme made a drag holiday show that broke the mold with a glitter bomb


The most wonderful time of the year might be just behind us, but I have to say – Atlanta truly blessed me with a cornucopia of quality themed drag events to attend this season. A few weeks ago we managed to make it out to three different drag shows around town – and while all fabulous – I HAD to take a moment to gush about Jinkx Monsoon & BenDeLaCreme’s first collaboration, “To Jesus, Thanks for Everything!”, because WOW. I just mean.. WOW. Wow! YAS. You get the idea, people.

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Lazy Girl Wedding Planning : Starting the Process!

ACS_0011So, after nearly six months of being engaged – your girl has finally started to put pen to paper for our special day.

What do I know about wedding planning? Nearly nothing. What do I intend to know about wedding planning once this is over with? About the same.

You see, for me – I just want everyone to have a hell of a lot of fun in the most beautiful place imaginable. So the question is, how can I make that happen as easily as possible? (I say, pouring myself a glass of champagne, muttering “oh shit, here we go” under my breath excitedly..)

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How “The Bad List” by Z Berg & Ryan Ross Broke Me, and Why I Loved It.

Okay guys – before we jump into why, after a ten year hiatus, I’m writing about music – let me give you a little Elle Wagner history lesson in less than 52 words.

I used to run/create a zine/blog called Not Your Music Muse. It was my first foray into journalism or media, even – and it led to experiences that could only be described as other worldly and magical for a sixteen year old kid from the smallest state in the country.

We’ll save those stories for sweeter, sunnier days – because today, I want to tell you how this 4:38 masterpiece seeped its way into crevices of my heart that I thought were cemented and filled them with a kind of somber, beautiful remorse that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It. Was. Everything.

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The Ultimate Stress-Free Christmas Guide (For Anxious, Overtired Millennials Like Me)

It’s the holiday season! How the hell did that happen?

Regardless, we’re covering our house in glitter, garland, and multicolor vintage ornaments – so it’s time to get our plump little behinds into gear and ready for all the parties, awkward family interactions, and hap hazard present wrapping that this time of year brings!

I’m not going to sit here and act like I have all the answers to throwing the Martha Stewart Christmas of dreams, because – duh? But also, after having debatably the best and worst year of my life in equal measures (seriously – more on that later, but all I can say is this.. 2019 DO BETTER), I’ve identified a few of the things that I can let slide to make life a lot more simple and give me the space to be present. That way, I can enjoy the most important part of holiday cheer – our family, friends, and all the coziness!

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