My Instagram Theme Is a Massive Creative Buzzkill and It’s Not Cute™️


Full disclosure : I’ve fully become a prisoner to my very pink, Barbie fantasy Instagram theme. It breaks my heart to admit it, because it soothes my Virgo soul to see all of the gorgeous flamingo pink accents work in harmony throughout the grid. However, the grim reality is I’ve fully stopped even attempting to post because the opportunities to flood a photo with that much pink can be few and far between in daily life (no matter how much pink lipstick and sunglasses you wear..).

So, now it’s decision time : let my account go completely stagnant, or find other ways to find happiness on the platform.

I’ve thought about doing a pink “gel” (old school photography terms, come through!) on all of my photos to add consistency.. but that would inevitably lead to my feed feeling like an ‘art’ account, which it’s not. Then I thought about just doing whatever and forgetting about a theme altogether in the name of better one-off photo experiences, but I can’t deny that I do care about the overall cohesion so that’s a no-go too. If I practiced what I preach to clients, I’d find a healthy balance between both worlds – curating every other photo, but I don’t know if I have the creative bandwidth to even handle that at the moment. I suppose I could resort to batch photography – which I’m not against – but it’s new found territory for my personal feed. I’d love to make friends with some killer content creator babes in the ATL area – so if thats you, be sure to say hi!

I’m just really tired of keeping a lot of the most joyous moments in my life (Our first wedding! Our first place in Atlanta together! Our new puppy Martini!) undercover for the shear fact that I can’t share them in a way that feels as thematic as I’d like, because life gets busy and isn’t always so precisely color coordinated. Any advice on how to overcome this feeling of doom and gloom, especially as a non-influencer, is much appreciated. I forget sometimes that while my social accounts support my business, my income isn’t directly attached to any of them – so they can and should be a place of creative expression without the worries of $$$. Easier said than done, people.



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