Rebecca Minkoff really DID THAT with the Edie Shoulder Bag : A review


Guys, I know the blog’s been a bit heavy with all of my life happenings lately. It’s a true reflection of what’s been going on, however it feels like a new season is very much in full swing (literally and figuratively) – and I want to embrace that light and joy wholeheartedly!

Is that a long way of saying “sorry the last post was about cancer, here’s a handbag review”? Kind of. But as an OG fan of Rebecca Minkoff, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the new addition to my collection with you – meet Edie.

Let me preface this with a genuine declaration of love for Rebecca’s brand. It’s feminist, it’s chic, it’s not singular in it’s aesthetic point of view to the point of boredom, and it’s a word that only Virgos can truly love : practical. Chances are, if you’ve ever seen me out on the town, I’m carrying a trusty RM bag with pride – and I doubt that will change any time soon.

First off – let’s talk about the exterior. As someone who’s generally always preferred a classic black leather flap with black or gold detailing (ala Rebecca’s Quilted Affair collection), this was a bit of a departure for me. Not a huge one, mind. Still, black patent leather with metal beading isn’t exactly classic, and damnit I’m proud of me for the brave choice! (The irony isn’t lost on me that I’m the same girl who often wears metallics and crystal emblazoned accessories as ‘basics’ – handbags are different, okay?)

My main concern when ordering this bag was if the patent leather would be stiff. I took the leap anyway as they were running a 20% off sale, always a dangerous temptress. I’m happy to report this is absolutely not the case – it’s buttery in a way that almost reminds me of a great vintage leather jacket that’s soft in all of the right ways (sans the perfume of lingering cigarette smoke and signs of wear). I’ve never found a brand of leather goods that outshines Rebecca’s, which is saying something as her price point is unbelievable for the quality. A++.

Secondly, usability! That’s another huge thing about RM bags – they’re designed with a girl who’s on the go in mind. No pocket missing. No strap too short or cumbersome. And this absolutely remains true with the Edie Shoulder Flap Bag. (I considered the Edie Crossbody,  but it looked a bit small for my needs. Things to keep in mind!) My favorite features of the Edie are the thoughtful snap closure that allows the metal clasp on the front to serve as a decorative feature vs. a regular annoyance, the all metal chain with matching patent shoulder straps for comfort, the deep back pocket that is my holy grail for seamless phone access, and divided interior to keep my camera safe.

Finally, I’ll touch upon the versatility of the strap – because it manages to still thrill people I meet on the regular! The strap can be worn long as a crossbody, or simply pull the straps together to be worn as a shoulder bag! No latches, buckles, or adjustments necessary.

Talk soon babes,


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