The Floor Fiasco 2022 : How To Make The Impossible Choice for Permanent Home Fixtures

Y’all, I’ve  been putting this post off with everything in me because even THINKING about the absolute headache this process has been is enough to send me into a spiral. Before buying our house, I never really gave that much thought to floors. Either they were ugly or fine, and once in a blue moon – exceptional. 

So when I made a flooring choice at the beginning of #MaisonMakeover, it took me about a week. I was satisfied with it and moved on to the millions of other decisions I had left, but that’s only where this story begins..

Let’s get into it, shall we?
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The #MaisonMakeover Mood Board Series : Bar Jon

It’s finally time to put the ideas for this space on paper! 

I am SO thrilled to be sharing the vision of Bar Jon with you – and tell you the story of how it came to be. I wanted at least one space to showcase mid-century formality in a way that was still fun and approachable, and what better place than a cocktail lounge?

Here’s your first look at the interiors for Maison Mon Coeur, plus a sappy love story for the ages:
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Destruction, Construction, and Conniptions : An Update!

Pink Construction Cones


Honestly, the reason for the absence is logistics. Literally *nothing* happened for about a month or so while we waited on insurance to get their shit together and approve the big old check needed to rebuild our house. After about a million hours of Jon’s hard work on the phone with the orchestra of involved parties we finally made it work. This being said, we’re now 4 months post disaster and just getting started.. but still! Progress!

Here’s the update into what’s brewing at #MaisonMonCoeur:
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Getting Down To The Brushed Gold Tacks : A Lesson In Reno Logistics


It’s been a hot minute – pretty much because we’ve been waiting. Waiting for the restoration crew to be done with bringing the house back down to studs, all sorts of other cleanup techniques, budget approvals, and the list goes on.. 

We’re *almost* at the fun part, so here’s a little sneak peak into where my mind’s been:
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On Silver Linings and Natural Disasters:

Well, reader – there’s no pretty way to put the veritable WTF nightmare we’ve been living through – so let’s just get it out there! 

Our beautiful little home with it’s beautiful new roof and floors had a bit of a tumble. And by that I mean, there was a storm and water flooded the entire main floor – through the light fixtures, and an eventual ceiling collapse! YAY! (Said no one ever.) 

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We Bought A House!


I cannot tell you how long I’ve wanted to make this post, but I’ll be honest – there’s been very rare moments over the last few months that I haven’t been covered in paint, charging our power tools, or scouring every corner of the internet for the most perfect vintage furniture.. so it’s had to wait!

Here’s what you need to know:

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