DIY Self Care Ideas : AKA, How I Preserve My Sanity When Everything’s Going to Shit


We’ve all been there, people. Some days, whether you like it or not – it’s 4AM, you’re up with a head full of doubts/to-do lists/general fears, and the likelihood of getting back to sleep are zero to none. That, annoyingly enough, was me this morning.

Honestly, I’d let you know what triggered it – but it might just be down to the fact that I have my period and had an absolutely fantastic tequila martini last night. Who knows. But, since the early wake up call and desire to do absolutely nothing but watch Hulu all day are out of my control – I’ll share my best tips on how to eradicate those grumps ASAP.

  1. Clean
    Maybe this is only applicable to Virgo neat freaks like me, but nothing brings down my mood faster than a dirty kitchen sink or pillows that haven’t been karate chopped just so. No, I’m not a 1950s housewife – but yes, I am an absolute stickler for interiors that make me go “ahhhh”, you know? If you can at all afford the luxury, stay in your PJs and get down with some DIY natural multi purpose spray, essential oils, and baking soda and get on your merry way to a cleanliness even a sad sap in your state can appreciate.
  2. Ditch the face mask and focus on nutrition (for now)
    Listen, I am all for a korean sheet mask. We’ll get to that part later. But right now, you’re working on nearly no sleep, and the only way your body’s going to feel kind of normal is if you feed it. I’m on a celery juice kick (the first 2019 bandwagon I’ve jumped on!), so I made that in my Vitamix and managed to make myself feel like “hey, I’m trying”. Which honestly, is half the battle if you think about it.
  3. Call someone you love and bullshit about nothing
    It needn’t be long, about your feelings, or anything else so prescribed – but just a little bit of comfort will go a long way on days like these. My mom is my go to, because duh. 💖
  4. Bubble baths
    Believe it or not, I am not a bubble bath person. Love the idea of them, never love the reality. Getting all my bits actually covered comfortably in suds is always a mission, the water’s never quite the right temp, and I get bored easily. But for whatever reason, a bath on a day when you just can’t get your head screwed on right feels just the right amount of luxurious to elevate out of that headspace. Get yourself a little bath bomb and have at it, love.
    (I used Dr. Teal’s Lavender Bubble Bath  with a bath bomb and wow, yes.)
  5. Write about it
    It needn’t be elegant prose, but even the act of journaling is massively therapeutic. If it’s stressing you out – put the pen (or laptop, phone, whatever) down. But for me, crapping out my feelings on a page is the fastest way to recover from the grumps. (To be frank, it’s why I’m here writing this now.)
  6. Champagne!
    Not a martini, or a glass of red wine. You want something that symbolizes celebration and joy, ladies! You’re worth popping a bottle and having a glass – especially in the bathtub while binging your favorite show on Netflix. (Which is EXACTLY what I’m doing right now, bless the WordPress app for this A+ multitasking experience.) Alcohol obviously shouldn’t be used as a crutch, but an intentional glass of something joyful can do wonders for your mindset. You’re worthy of every big and little luxury this world has to offer, and this simple act of self love embodies it perfectly.
  7. Now, get down with your bad self and throw on that face mask
    Alright, gorgeous. By now, you’re a hell of a lot more re-centered than you were first thing this morning – I hope! So, maybe now’s the time to treat yourself to a little luxury skin care. I don’t see how this would have helped much first thing in the morning, stress shakes aren’t exactly the precision we’re looking for when slapping on a collagen, charcoal, or AHA magical treatment – so this is your reward for doing some inner work first. You deserve it!To better tomorrows,IMG_1041

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