We’re ‘Ditching’ Our Family for Thanksgiving : A Tale of 2 Brave Souls & A Pomeranian

ACS_0322Well, you heard it here first – these rebels aren’t heading up North to spend Thanksgiving with the family. (Too cold, too close to when we have to go back for Christmas.) SO – New Orleans getaway it is!

Here’s how we plan to spend our time in everyone’s favorite adult playground with our five pound bundle of joy:

First things first : fear not – feelings haven’t been hurt by our decision to do our own thing for the holiday. Mothers still love us, and we haven’t been written out of any wills. Turkey day needn’t be the pinnacle of annual quality time, and we regularly (happily!) host family and friends year round anyway.

Next up: pet friendly accommodation. Truly, NOLA is hard in this respect. AirBnBs are few and far between in walkable areas as far as we can tell, and hotels aren’t always thrilled to have furry guests. We found the best possible option in Hotel Monteleone – which on top of being a beautiful, historic hotel in the middle of the French Quarter, is home to the Carousel Bar. Be still my heart.

Next, what to do! I’m sure no one’s surprised that we’re not big Bourbon Street people, so we’ll likely be parading Martini around the Garden District during the day (if it’s good enough for Beyoncé & Jay,  he’ll live his best life there too) – and then leave him cozied up in the room (complete with his leopard print bed and monogrammed bowls provided by the hotel) for cocktails at Empire Bar and beyond in the evening.

And yes, Thanksgiving reservations have been made. We’ll be dining at SoBou, the Commander’s Palace sister restaurant in the French Quarter. This is the menu. HALLELUJAH.

As for the rest of the time, you’ll have to wait for my next post where I’ll share our favorite finds, etc. New Orleans is meant to be savored in the spirit of spontaneity, so scheduling our every move isn’t in the cards!



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