The Ultimate Stress-Free Christmas Guide (For Anxious, Overtired Millennials Like Me)

It’s the holiday season! How the hell did that happen?

Regardless, we’re covering our house in glitter, garland, and multicolor vintage ornaments – so it’s time to get our plump little behinds into gear and ready for all the parties, awkward family interactions, and hap hazard present wrapping that this time of year brings!

I’m not going to sit here and act like I have all the answers to throwing the Martha Stewart Christmas of dreams, because – duh? But also, after having debatably the best and worst year of my life in equal measures (seriously – more on that later, but all I can say is this.. 2019 DO BETTER), I’ve identified a few of the things that I can let slide to make life a lot more simple and give me the space to be present. That way, I can enjoy the most important part of holiday cheer – our family, friends, and all the coziness!

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The Lazy B*tch Mother’s Day Guide:


Internet – I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Moms are really, really easy to please – ESPECIALLY once you’ve left the nest and don’t have as much time for them.

Now, of course – this doesn’t mean show up with a load of laundry and a half hour to spare. But let the less informed keep the overcrowded, pedestrian brunches and I’ll teach you how to make her year for around a hundred bucks and a day of quality time.

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