There’s a New Green Goddess in Town : Fresh Salsa Verde in Minutes

Unwrapped tomatillos being prepared for salsa verde. Don’t be alarmed – yours truly hasn’t turned into an overnight food blogger.

But seeing as this blog is meant to hold the everyday chronicles of my life, I’d be remiss not to include this mind-blowingly simple and entirely delicious fridge staple that comes together in less than ten minutes.

It’s my hastily written love letter to of all the unbelievable street tacos served with salsa verde cruda (IE: “raw” salsa verde)  I so dearly miss in Houston, and it’s pretty much perfect on everything. Vamonos!

tomatillos, quartered - ready for salsa verde

First things first, the tomatillos – I’m using about a pound and a half here. I’ll be real – since moving to the South, these are a hell of a lot easier to find in abundance. I tend to pick ones that have a tight husk and a firm, but not exactly hard fruit inside. (Like a butt you can bounce a quarter off of, you know? You know!) Then you peel, rinse, and quarter like so.

Onions, jalapeños, garlic, and tomatillos in a Vitamix blender in preparation for salsa verde.

Next up are the backup singers that really bring depth and flavor to the party: 

One onion, quartered. Two jalapenos, slightly de-seeded. (Feel free to alter for spice preference!) Two fresh garlic cloves, peeled. Throw them straight into the Vitamix (on top of the tomatillos) with loving abandon, knowing that the motor’s your bff and will take care of all the slicing and dicing grunt work.

cilantro being added to a blender for salsa verde

Finally, throw in as much cilantro as your heart desires – tender stems and all – with a healthy dash of kosher salt to wake up the whole affair. Blend on dial 7 for a good 45 seconds, using the tamper to get everything moving. 

Completed salsa verde in a glass jar. It sits in a kitchen with a grey and pink motif.

Boom! You’re all set. And while it’s fab on traditional fare, Jon and I throw this on pretty much everything we make. Meats of any kind, air fryer veggies, quesadillas, salads – you name it, we’ve tried it and loved it. Quarantine 3.0 has been largely about finding ways to incorporate more freshness into our diets to mix up the banality of staying inside all the time for almost a year.. OH MY GOD ITS BEEN ALMOST A YEAR.. and quick delights like this help keep things interesting. Plus, it’s green. So basically a health food, no? 😉 

Chips and salsa verde cruda. Enjoy!

Live, laugh, and make margaritas, 

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