On Saturn returns, astrology saving us all, and new starts:

I have a not-so-secret confession to make : I am 1000% the girl who’ll look up your birth chart within ten minutes of meeting you, and as such – have learned my fair share about basic astrology in my 20s. (Usually after hours with a martini in hand, but I digress!)

While I usually use this info to help, inquire, or flat out read – today I’m utilizing it for something much more necessary for this bleak ass year : hope.

I can’t even front here y’all – I’ve been helplessly addicted to TikTok since quarantine popped off and if there’s one thing I know about the Age of Aquarius (other than it being an essential BOP), is that it’s very important and that we all need to pay attention to the energy shifting around us. I *think* we’re going from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius, which is explained in much better researched detail here.

The most important part, I’ve gathered, is that we’re in the perfect energy to start a project that we’ve been afraid to start that serves the greater collective. To stand out! And in the most fun way possible, it’s nudging us to fully step into our full, bespeckled with all sorts of glorious imperfections, selves. I’m also approaching 30 (not afraid of you, number!) and yes, I’m probably extra susceptible to all of this because it’s perfectly aligning with me growing into myself more fully as I age. (Also – double whammy : my Saturn return starts today, too! Whew!)

Lived experience is a hell of a confidence builder – and while I’ve never been exactly shy (always loud, always laughing, usually energetic if not fully comatose) , I’ve just become a lot more of all the things I am. Sometimes loudly. Sometimes contentedly. Always gratefully. So, I’m excited! I’m setting my intentions, letting go of whatever no longer serves me, and more than anything – practicing gratitude for everything that really matters most.

2020 really had her way with highlighting them with gusto, didn’t she?

If your eyes aren’t completely glazed over now, here’s something I know to be true:

You belong here, and we definitely should be friends if we aren’t already! But also, Miss Aquarius has big things in store – and I’m hoping that the stars have some extra magic in reserve especially for you. 💖

To a world of new ahead,

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