There’s a New Green Goddess in Town : Fresh Salsa Verde in Minutes

Unwrapped tomatillos being prepared for salsa verde. Don’t be alarmed – yours truly hasn’t turned into an overnight food blogger.

But seeing as this blog is meant to hold the everyday chronicles of my life, I’d be remiss not to include this mind-blowingly simple and entirely delicious fridge staple that comes together in less than ten minutes.

It’s my hastily written love letter to of all the unbelievable street tacos served with salsa verde cruda (IE: “raw” salsa verde)  I so dearly miss in Houston, and it’s pretty much perfect on everything. Vamonos!

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Homemade Pasta Chronicles : Orecchiette in 5 steps

Am I the only one gooped and gagged that carbs have made the comeback of a lifetime in quarantine?

It makes sense, I guess. It’s cheap, it’s filling, and more than anything.. comforting in a time of mass uncertainty while we watch the world burn/heal/etc. It’s fucking crazy, y’all. But you know what’s crazy.. good? Pasta. Fresh, homemade pasta.

I’m here to show you how quickly and easily this little culinary escape can be yours:


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