The Energy of 2021 : Frivolity as Self Care

Martini The Drag Dog, sporting daisy sparkle sunglasses on a navy velvet tufted sofa.
(Okay – give me *one* second to be a proud dog mom and declare the obvious. Martini (The Drag Dog™️) is the superstar fur diva of the world and you CANNOT tell me otherwise. This has been a totally unbiased review. 😉)

Anyway, back to the post! Like the title says – I’m officially declaring 2021 as the year of *fun*. Safe, masked, socially distant, blah-blah-blah dystopia compliant fun – but fun no less. More feather boas, more glitter, and so much more more – because as we creep up on a year of this madness, it’s the only shot I  have at sanity. 

With that in mind, here’s my completely ridiculous bucket list while I wait my turn for vaccination:
Re-learn the basics of gymnastics. (As a nearly-30 year old with a bad back)

Handstands? Yes. Tumble rolls? Let’s do it. CARTWHEELS? Sign me up. This all used to be second nature to me – albeit with a lower center of gravity, etc. Still – I can’t remember the last time I actually had FUN exercising, so it’s on the list. Worth a shot!

Dabble with DuoLingo and butcher the hell out of the Italian language. 

I’m embarrassed to admit this as an Italian dual citizen, but we’re all friends here. My grasp of the Italian language manages to *just* get me by on travels, but the minute someone wants to actually go full speed ahead in conversation – all systems stop. I’ve taken Italian classes throughout my academic career and honestly, close to zilch stuck. Plus, this year we get to apply for Jon’s spousal citizenship so I think we’re going to try and learn together which will be the linguistic equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, I’m sure. Prego! 

More fancy robes to wear around the house, specifically something power pink and emblazoned in Swarovski crystals.

Self explanatory. Your girl is nothing if not on brand. It can, and will be paired with my collection of metallic Golden Girls inspired mules that are crying out for a vacation to Miami. One day! (Sooner rather than later please, Miss Rona.)

Evaluate/zhuzh/play with my daily lewk, for the fun of it.

Quarantine’s done weird things to my sense of personal style. I’ve never worn this much lycra in my life and I honestly don’t see a world where I can return to the restrictions of denim. While I’ve pretty much managed to keep it cute and on brand, I want to emerge from quarantine more like Mariah Carey’s butterfly ring and less like the caterpillar from a Bug’s Life, you know? So – we’re watching YouTube videos. Playing with elements of my routine that certainly aren’t broken, but could maybe be reinvented. As mama Ru says in her infinite wisdom, “we’re all born naked and the rest is drag”. A bad outfit or questionable makeup application’s a breeze when we’re stuck inside anyway – so it’s the perfect time to shake it up and see what sparks the most joy. (More pink! More leopard! More metallic everything! Brace yourselves.) 

Most importantly, I saved the best for last: 

Be kinder to myself and follow what feels good.

Simple as that. Following your bliss sounds like a load of bullshit but if we can apply it to the demands and responsibilities we have as adults, there’s a lot of room for play that can create a life that may seem lightyears away right now. Get into it, babes! No time like the present. 

Also, a few kitchen discos for good measure. (We are *absolutely* putting a disco ball in the bay window of our kitchen once this market settles and we find a house – but that’s a story for another day!) 


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