CB2 Atlanta : A Love Letter (& Guide)

Y’all, living in Atlanta has many perks. The weather. The people. The relative lack of pretension. I could go on forever – and plan to! But NOW we have a CB2 and it’s officially game over for all other cities and we are 1000% *not* sorry about it. Oops! 

Let me show you a little sneak peak of the most perfect oasis tucked away in ever-blossoming West Midtown: 

First of all, I’ve got to be honest. I debated whether to share this because yes – CB2 is a chain and a corporate as hell one that. How could it truly serve something special?

But it just did, okay? They’re the only major retail concept in the design space that understands me at a molecular level and if that makes me basic, sign me up. (Full ‘basic’ disclosure – I also visited the Starbucks Reserve on Peachtree before this, which was also perfection. What can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants. Here was my order. That Reserve blend espresso is something else! 1000/10 recommend.) 

Now, onto the brass homewares and other delicious finds.

It’s hard to walk into this perfect space and not immediately want to paint your whole house (Chantilly) white and turn it into an enviable art gallery that you happen to live in. It’s all exquisite and delicate and best of all – the staff let me roam around without constantly asking me if I had any questions. I will ask when I’m ready, babe. You’re dealing with a professional glam hoarder here!

(PS : These are my favorite wine glasses in the history of ever. Linked here for your convenience!)

At the end of the day, CB2 just gets me. I think it’s really affirming to see your design sense echoed in some ways by others – especially industry titans. What’s not to love? It’s like a physical mood board! They might not get you, but maybe Ballard Designs or Studio McGee does.  Like love and marriage – when you know, you know. 

I mean, just LOOK at this barware section: 

And this ✨INCROYABLE ✨  sputnik chandelier with raw quartz finials that makes my heart sing: 

Need. I. Say. More: 

It’s all a bit too much, just like me – and truly, it’s hard not to want to buy out the shop immediately. Sigh! A girl can dream. A girl can also have an inflated ego when it comes to her own DIY ability and a love for sourcing vintage furniture.. so you see where I’m going with this. Stay tuned, perhaps with fingers crossed. 😉

PS: On the off chance this reaches a marketing manager at CB2, I have zero shame and a degree in creative advertising. I am not too proud to cue the Sarah McLaughlin sob story music and ask you to sponsor me – pretty please. 


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