How To Fix a Broken Mirror (And Your Workflow)




Well, I just broke a mirror (oops!) – and ironically, I’ve never felt luckier.

I’ve been doing lots of inner work trying to overcome my need for “perfection” in my output, mainly by shifting my practices to prioritize ease and grace. So today, in the midst of an Instagram photoshoot in my kitchen (the glamour! ), I had two options when the mirror I was using to bounce light broke.

A) Abandon the project and make some kind of complicated rig to hold my big reflector in place.


B) Get some duct tape and improvise until I get the shot.

I guarantee you, me from even a month ago would have absolutely gone with A. But today, I got the damn duct tape (It’s penguin patterned! ) and persevered. As luck would have it, I got the shot in the next 2 minutes and was able to pack up – no need for a re-shoot or to worry about getting the right light again.

When you intentionally tell yourself that your life and endeavors should flow with ease – the quicker it becomes second nature to dodge unnecessary hurdles and keep leveling the fuck up. ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned so far for productivity? Sharing is caring! 


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