Brown University


 Entering the world of Ivy League higher ed has been one of the greatest professional adventures I’ve had yet. From the formality of the institution itself, to the vibrancy that exists on the Main Green every day – it is an exceptional environment that I feel lucky to work in.

 When I joined the CareerLAB team, I quickly realized two things. A) No one had held this position in over a year and engagement levels were at an all time low, and B) We weren’t serving our students in a way that felt natural, or inviting to them. At all. Exclamation point. Bold letters. It was a MESS.

In response, I gave our digital presence the love and care it had so desperately needed and yet never received. No asset was sacred – social identity, events postings, our Instagram aesthetic, tone of voice, curated content – even our emoji style changed entirely. Honestly, I couldn’t be prouder of the progress my team and I made during my tenure there, and feel lucky to have created something students loved too!

Social copy examples available upon request.

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