DIY Self Care Ideas : AKA, How I Preserve My Sanity When Everything’s Going to Shit


We’ve all been there, people. Some days, whether you like it or not – it’s 4AM, you’re up with a head full of doubts/to-do lists/general fears, and the likelihood of getting back to sleep are zero to none. That, annoyingly enough, was me this morning.

Honestly, I’d let you know what triggered it – but it might just be down to the fact that I have my period and had an absolutely fantastic tequila martini last night. Who knows. But, since the early wake up call and desire to do absolutely nothing but watch Hulu all day are out of my control – I’ll share my best tips on how to eradicate those grumps ASAP.

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Does face toner work? Yes, but:


I’m officially in my late twenties, I think. What’s 26?

Evidently it’s old enough to need a real deal, effective skincare routine – but young enough to skip the filler and botox.

While I can’t say I’ve ever had terrible skin, I woke up one day to more dryness and less glow than I was used to and felt like this. Now I’m here to share the secret that turned it all around for me.

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