Lazy Girl Wedding Planning : Starting the Process!

ACS_0011So, after nearly six months of being engaged – your girl has finally started to put pen to paper for our special day.

What do I know about wedding planning? Nearly nothing. What do I intend to know about wedding planning once this is over with? About the same.

You see, for me – I just want everyone to have a hell of a lot of fun in the most beautiful place imaginable. So the question is, how can I make that happen as easily as possible? (I say, pouring myself a glass of champagne, muttering “oh shit, here we go” under my breath excitedly..)

First off – the biggest lazy girl wedding hack that isn’t for everyone (but works for us) is this : have a small wedding. Like, under 50. Or 30. We’re aiming to be around 20-25.

Naturally, the biggest question is how. Because at our age, we know a hell of a lot more people than that. Let alone FAMILY.

The answer is, dear – a destination wedding! The only thing I’ve ever known about what I wanted my big day to look like is that it would be somewhere romantic, warm, and not in a depressing-as-hell (to me, anyway) event space. Nothing else mattered.

So on that note, we’re jetting away to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and throwing a hell of party!

This is exciting for so many reasons, but the greatest hits are these:

A) As an Italian who’s visited this area a handful of times, it brings the sort of peace and joy into your heart that you can’t really describe until you experience it.. and that’s somehow before you even taste the ridiculous euphoria that is the cuisine.

B) Our wedding’s going to small and laid back enough for us to actually be at the center of fun on the day without worrying about greeting hundreds of guests all night.

C) (Almost) no decorations needed – with views like those, a few flowers for me and some white candles and voila! Literally the most beautiful wedding I could ever imagine, sans the tacky Pinterest hacks.

The list goes on, of course. But for now, I’m trying to focus on finding a venue for the big day and a villa for all of our guests to stay in with us. The only thing that makes the headache of planning all worth it is thinking about being in the pool at our villa, tipsily floating around with my favorite people, surrounded by all the love and luxury a girl could imagine in celebration of me marrying the best person I could ask for.

Schmaltzy, yes. But true, yes!

Up next : finding a wedding planner, a venue, and setting a date. (Wait, where did my glass of champagne go?!)





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