Lazy Girl Wedding Planning : Starting the Process!

ACS_0011So, after nearly six months of being engaged – your girl has finally started to put pen to paper for our special day.

What do I know about wedding planning? Nearly nothing. What do I intend to know about wedding planning once this is over with? About the same.

You see, for me – I just want everyone to have a hell of a lot of fun in the most beautiful place imaginable. So the question is, how can I make that happen as easily as possible? (I say, pouring myself a glass of champagne, muttering “oh shit, here we go” under my breath excitedly..)

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How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring : the story behind my one-of-a-kind sparkler

ringrosesGuys, I haven’t mentioned it on the blog despite making the big announcement on social media, so just in case..

I’m ENGAGED, y’all!

I figured we could skip how Jon asked and all of the juicy, romantic details for now (post coming soon!) and cut to the sparkle for today.  Is my ring beautiful and do I find myself staring it *all* the time? Yes. But I’m mainly sharing this because I was a researching MONSTER when we started looking into this option, and I hope this might help others in the same boat!

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