Becoming an Entrepreneur : The good, scary, and exciting!


Entrepreneur is never a word I truly associated with myself. Founder? Maybe. Creator? Sure. Freelancer? Definitely. But entrepreneur has always just reeked of desperation, though I couldn’t quite tell you why. Maybe it’s a bit of an antiquated word that I’ve always associated with someone who’s always trying and never doing – but to that line of thinking, I extend my biggest and kindest “fuck off” as I enter this new stage of my career. 💕

So, here goes nothing! I’ve always loved helping clients craft their brand from something pedestrian that they thought they “had” to be to the fabulous, personality filled entity they really are by giving them the permission and emotional/tangible tools to do the damn thing. It isn’t neuroscience, of course, but as a girl who debated whether or not she wanted to study that field in grad school tens of times and ultimately decided against it because she’s terrible at hard science – it’s a pretty damn exciting exploration of the human psyche and semiotics. Also, girl power. Also, the world needs less mismatched logos, low res images in adverts, and businesses without useful Facebook pages. It’s just fact.

With all of that in mind, I’m really excited to be launching my business baby, STORY branding studio next week. I can’t promise much other than that it’s a labor of love and that many nights have been spent banging my head on my laptop to ensure I’m getting it kind of right. But perfect is boring anyway, yes?

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