Love & Routine In The Age of COVID-19


Listen, y’all – we’re in a shithole dumpster fire era that we’ll look back on as our ‘Great Depression”. It’s insanity – I refuse to try and wrap my head around it, and am staying the hell home at all costs unless the end-of-times supply of wine I bought runs out (priorities). This being said, we’ve gotta try and find some joy and normalcy amongst the madness.

Here’s my best tips to do so, chilled glass of Rosé firmly in hand:

Cooking like you’re auditioning to be the next Food Network star

I don’t know about you – but something clicked in me around age 25 or so, and immediately I felt the need to have the kitchen of dreams. A culinary biological clock, if you will. This being said, I now have a pretty beautifully curated set of America’s Test Kitchen reviewed and rated tools that put Ina Garten to shame. They usually get regular use – but they’re fully in the Olympics of cooking now. Homemade french bread in a Le Creuset dutch oven? You got it. Fresh pasta kneaded to perfection in my food processor? Done. This is the time for decadence, people. Make the dish that takes 5 hours to make between Netflix binges, eat the carbs, use the butter. If staying safe means learning how to make risotto for the first time, sign me up.

Fully leaning into athleisure

I’ll probably regret this once this is over, but I haven’t worn jeans in nearly a month and have no plans to do so anytime soon. I used to go years (!) without jeans, fully forgoing practicality for vintage dresses in the name of aesthetic.. so surely this can’t end too badly. Pandemic practicality mustn’t be all mismatched PJs (though it for sure can be some days – hello!), but it doesn’t require the discomfort of going-to-the-bar wear, you know? Fresh black leggings and cute bralettes are my new uniform and it’s cute as hell. End. Of. Discussion.

Being gentle with yourself, and those you’re stuck (I mean live) with

Bitches of the world (myself included, obviously) – this is the hardest pill to swallow. Sometimes the bed may not get made right after waking up. Your SO might leave dishes on the drying rack for more than an hour – like a heathen! It can feel like too much to bare. Try to remind yourselves between the Lysol marathons that we’re all under a lot of pressure – and need to be understanding if the trains aren’t leaving exactly on time as per our normal routine. So, let the extra 20 minutes in bed slide – create a cleaning power hour (ours is after lunch), and try and finish all things work by 7 so you can cozy up, recharge, and recenter (no news or Twitter allowed – trust me) so you’re ready for whatever tomorrow holds. It’s a new normal, it’s weird, it’s anxiety inducing – so lean in to the love and relish in the simplicity. When boredom strikes, there’s about 10 million online free courses and webinars on any topic imaginable – not to mention the endless stream of entertainment we’re all already familiar with. I’ve been reading books – at the minute, it’s The Four Hour Work Week.. and something about preparing for a life beyond all this helps me relax. You do you, babe.


Self explanatory. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and whatever you do – the fuck home!


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