I Went to SpiceWorld and I Never Wanted to Leave


Seeing as I’m only now waking up from a pretty long internet hiatus, I haven’t had the chance to share with most of you something pretty earth shattering that happened this summer :

I saw the Spice Girls. In London. Up close and PERSONAL.

Ever since I saw the movie when I was six – faux double decker bus of dreams flying across Tower Bridge, it’s been a dream of mine to see my personal heroes in the big smoke. Truly, I thought it would never happen. And then they got social media. And then there was talk of a tour.. perhaps. And then all hell broke loose once they released the dates and I booked flights and accommodation the second I secured tickets.

21 years later, it happened! And it was EVERY bit as magical, girl power filled, and rhinestone adorned as I could have ever dreamed it would be.

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How “The Bad List” by Z Berg & Ryan Ross Broke Me, and Why I Loved It.

Okay guys – before we jump into why, after a ten year hiatus, I’m writing about music – let me give you a little Elle Wagner history lesson in less than 52 words.

I used to run/create a zine/blog called Not Your Music Muse. It was my first foray into journalism or media, even – and it led to experiences that could only be described as other worldly and magical for a sixteen year old kid from the smallest state in the country.

We’ll save those stories for sweeter, sunnier days – because today, I want to tell you how this 4:38 masterpiece seeped its way into crevices of my heart that I thought were cemented and filled them with a kind of somber, beautiful remorse that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It. Was. Everything.

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