How “The Bad List” by Z Berg & Ryan Ross Broke Me, and Why I Loved It.

Okay guys – before we jump into why, after a ten year hiatus, I’m writing about music – let me give you a little Elle Wagner history lesson in less than 52 words.

I used to run/create a zine/blog called Not Your Music Muse. It was my first foray into journalism or media, even – and it led to experiences that could only be described as other worldly and magical for a sixteen year old kid from the smallest state in the country.

We’ll save those stories for sweeter, sunnier days – because today, I want to tell you how this 4:38 masterpiece seeped its way into crevices of my heart that I thought were cemented and filled them with a kind of somber, beautiful remorse that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It. Was. Everything.

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How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring : the story behind my one-of-a-kind sparkler

ringrosesGuys, I haven’t mentioned it on the blog despite making the big announcement on social media, so just in case..

I’m ENGAGED, y’all!

I figured we could skip how Jon asked and all of the juicy, romantic details for now (post coming soon!) and cut to the sparkle for today.  Is my ring beautiful and do I find myself staring it *all* the time? Yes. But I’m mainly sharing this because I was a researching MONSTER when we started looking into this option, and I hope this might help others in the same boat!

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