The Floor Fiasco 2022 : How To Make The Impossible Choice for Permanent Home Fixtures

Y’all, I’ve  been putting this post off with everything in me because even THINKING about the absolute headache this process has been is enough to send me into a spiral. Before buying our house, I never really gave that much thought to floors. Either they were ugly or fine, and once in a blue moon – exceptional. 

So when I made a flooring choice at the beginning of #MaisonMakeover, it took me about a week. I was satisfied with it and moved on to the millions of other decisions I had left, but that’s only where this story begins..

Let’s get into it, shall we?

First of all, if I had to give you all one piece of advice going into any major decision that you’ll have to live with for a while, it’s this : you WILL change your mind. Many times. Over and over again. You’ll come back to choices that were an absolute ‘no’, and you might have to admit you were wrong more times than anyone (especially a Virgo) is comfortable with. UGH I know – I hate it too and it’s gross and I wish it wasn’t the case. But I promise you, it’s nothing a few friends and a martini (puppy or cocktail) can’t fix.

So, what went wrong and why?! 

The long and short of it is this. After a little back and forth about what we needed in a floor technically (waterproof, not cheap vinyl, puppy safe, large planks, etc.) we entered the search with an open mind. When I came across some really interesting herringbone and chevron options in plank form, I thought “OOOH! Easy installation and a luxe look. Sign me up.”. And that’s exactly what I did! It was a lighter shade of taupe and and online only style so we got a sample, ordered it, and hoped for the best.

Months passed as our contractor got the nuts and bolts of the house back together, and we kind of just forgot about it. Then, right before our trip to Nashville (SO many travel things to catch up on – soon!), I saw our construction crew at the house getting ready to lay the floors in our bedroom ensuite. THRILLED to see progress, I just told them how excited I was but to make sure to line up this pattern correctly because it can be tricky. No problem, they said. 

Well, babes, as you can imagine.. problem indeed. We got back and immediately noticed the entirety of the upstairs floor had been laid wrong. What should have been a seamless herringbone pattern was now a mosaic of arrows and squares and what can only be described as stock market lines that started and stopped with no rhyme or reason. I nearly passed out thinking about how much time and resources had been invested into this mess but knew I had to put the panic aside and get it fixed. So, I did. And luckily, our contractor’s a doll and is making right on this. When presented with the option to hire a different flooring team to execute the herringbone, I was far too put off the idea and swiftly decided to go with a more classic plank option. Not. Worth. The. Headache. BIG OOPH. 🤯

So, now we’re all caught up! We’ve spent the last few weeks deep diving into the world of floors again, trying our hardest to make a classic decision that will withstand my decor whims and the real estate market in the next 5ish years. Easier said than done, but we’re getting somewhere!

After a lot of trial and error, I narrowed it down to polar opposite aesthetics : either practically white (but not grey) floors, or absolute black – never brown. 

I’m pretty sure this has led almost every person at the dozens of retailers we’ve gone to look at me like I’ve lost my mind – but with the stark white walls and Liberace Space Age vibe, it just makes the most sense. 

We finally got two samples (one light, one dark) in yesterday and EVEN THOUGH everything in my being would love the drama of a noir floor against the white walls, I was the first to admit how much airier the house felt with the light option. So, I had to break my own heart and promised myself (and Jon!) that our next home (with higher ceilings and even more natural light to support it) will 1000% have black (maybe even black *marble*!) floors. It sucks, but it’s also the right choice. C’est la vie. ✨

So, what’s the hold up?! We both really love the sample that we used to decide light vs. dark, but there’s *one more* we’re waiting on. Once we stack that up against our current front runner, we can move on to the next thing on the never ending #maisonmakeover list – which I’ll be sure to tell you about as it unfolds!

This is all a long way of saying, if you’re in the same boat – keep this in mind: 

Sometimes the space dictates your decision. The light floors won purely out of practicality. The way light pours into our home and the flow of our main floor really need that extra luminosity to sing, so we knew we had to honor that – and I’d absolutely recommend you do the same. This surpasses style rules – it’s a matter of making the most out of the space you have and making it feel as luxe as possible.

Be prepared for your first choice to be discontinued. I cannot TELL you how many options died on arrival due to manufacturing. Even floors that were on display aren’t always available. There were at least three solid options that I thought could be “the one” that ended up being mysteriously discontinued with no sign of it being so until attempting to order them. Rude, no?! But yes. Prepare yourself. 

Some floors just don’t look great on a vertical display. Our current front runner wasn’t even on my radar until I took a few sample pieces and clicked them together on the floor. Did this make a scene? Maybe. Was it worth it to see that it’s actually really nice? 1000%. It’s weird and makes zero sense to my brain, but all I’m saying is this – don’t knock it until you try it. Promise. 👏

As for the final decision, you’re gonna have to keep tabs on me on Instagram. I’m so grateful that have a group of people to bounce ideas off of there, poll like a madwoman, and ultimately share this hellbent process with – so why not join us?! I even have an entire highlight dedicated to all of this titled maison makeover, so you’ll be all caught up in no time. 😘


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