The #MaisonMakeover Mood Board Series : Bar Jon

It’s finally time to put the ideas for this space on paper! 

I am SO thrilled to be sharing the vision of Bar Jon with you – and tell you the story of how it came to be. I wanted at least one space to showcase mid-century formality in a way that was still fun and approachable, and what better place than a cocktail lounge?

Here’s your first look at the interiors for Maison Mon Coeur, plus a sappy love story for the ages:

I know, I know – y’all want to get to business and see the board. BUT trust me, the story makes it even better!

I’ll keep it short, I promise: 

Jon and I met in late 2014, but I had already arranged to go work abroad in London a few months later. I really had no idea what was going to happen with us – but without skipping a beat, that Gemini extraordinaire turned his world and class schedule upside down to move there with me for an unforgettable spring/summer. While we were there we were still very much figuring out each other (and ourselves) but we would go to tons of vintage markets and shops for fun and couldn’t help but to dream up what our next apartment (house, even!) would look like. I think our dreams for the space were a little more Danish teak than Liberace Space Age then.. but one thing was certain : we were set on having the ultimate entertainment space. 

At the time I was still the boss behind the bar as the cocktail blogger in residence, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out that if I taught *him* I could hang out with my friends and not take drink orders at our soirées. Hence, the birth of Bar Jon! The name came out of necessity – and leaves no room to mistake who to ask for your next martini. 😉

These days he’s probably better than me at slinging a cobbler shaker, but that’s fine by me – as long as I get to source all the glassware and martini picks. 

Putting together this moodboard was so incredibly special to me, because it is the realization of so many of those dreams Jon and I shared back then, and now we get to build it as a married couple. Life! 

Anyway, without further ado – presenting Bar Jon! 💖

Where to start?!

We’re lucky that the space is defined by a freestanding functional wood burning fireplace, which serves as the heart of the space. However, since I have no interest in chopping wood or getting smoke all over my perfect vintage James Mont horseshoe chinoiserie chairs, why not fill it with disco balls?! I was 1000% inspired by The Crafted Life and instantly knew I had to follow her lead. 

I sourced these incredible Hollywood Regency sculpted brass and marble end tables on marketplace for an actual STEAL, and I love that they’re light and easy to move – allowing us to have a space that can transition to the day’s needs with ease. 

The story of the piano can be saved for another day – but one thing I do know is that it’s going to be painted in a Bubblegum Pink enamel. BE STILL MY HEART. I picked the color sample on a whim and when I read that the color’s name was “Funny Face“, I knew it was fate. 😍

Obviously there’s a lot of smaller decor/drink accessories to consider storing, so I have my eyes on a gold regency inspired bookcase to cap off this space from the rest of our semi-open concept living area. 

And finally, the pièce de résistance – the FIREPLACE surround. I bought this in 2020 and still can’t get over how good of a find it is. Of course, Facebook marketplace to thank for this too – it’s a Louis XIV cast iron fireplace surround in *perfect* condition. These retail for $3K+ and I bought it from a lovely couple in the deep country of Georgia for $100. 97% off is the only price I ever want to pay for anything. It may have been made in the fashion of a king, but it’s perfectly fit for this queen.💖

Some other decisions are a little less finite – I know the seating area will be the two James Mont chairs parallel to a Victorian loveseat I’ve had since I was 18, but TBD on reupholstery choices and wood finishes. Lighting might change – though it’ll be something loosely in the sputnik family. I’d LOVE a custom neon sign above the mantle but TBD on wiring, etc. The gallery wall is a surprise we’ll reveal later!







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