Destruction, Construction, and Conniptions : An Update!

Pink Construction Cones


Honestly, the reason for the absence is logistics. Literally *nothing* happened for about a month or so while we waited on insurance to get their shit together and approve the big old check needed to rebuild our house. After about a million hours of Jon’s hard work on the phone with the orchestra of involved parties we finally made it work. This being said, we’re now 4 months post disaster and just getting started.. but still! Progress!

Here’s the update into what’s brewing at #MaisonMonCoeur:

I feel like I’ve been saying “I’ll update once we get past the ugly boring part!” forever now, but it’s the truth! The team has been working away and doing a great job for about a week or two now – but rebuilding subfloors, putting up drywall, and replacing bathroom pipes isn’t really photoshoot worthy – you know?

On the news front, we hit another unexpected cash cow. Once they removed the tub in the guest bathroom they discovered copper pipes, which I guess don’t belong in a bathroom (news to me!). They’re currently being replaced and fitted for the (to quote my contractor) “very inexpensive” cost of a Louis Vuitton bag – but I guess it’s a little more important than this On The Go GM in black empreinte leather that I’ve been dreaming of. However, much less fun.

Now that new lighting is currently being wired, we’re scrambling to find fixtures. Luckily, I was able to source our recessed lights pretty easily. I knew I wanted smart LED flush mounts with cool, warm, and color functionality via wifi which is a near impossible order – but the geniuses at Phillips came THROUGH with these Wiz Recessed Lights, available at Home Depot. We’ve already tested them in my parent’s house and they’re connected and seamless and all around perfect, really. Word to the wise: they are constantly selling out online, so keep your eyes peeled for restocks!

As far as chandeliers, no dice yet. I had such a fun time picking them the first go around -but now I feel as though I don’t want to just repurchase what we had, so back to the drawing board it is. I’ll probably end up in the same brushed gold/vertical prism family but maybe something with a little more spice. We’ll see!

Right now I’m working on mood boards for all the major spaces, so I’ll be back soon to premiere those as they’re finished. I’m especially excited about our formal living room, which we’re lovingly turning into “Bar Jon”.

I’ll tell you more about the story behind the name in that post, but dreaming up our very own in-house cocktail lounge complete with a pink piano and gallery wall of our favorite patrons really has been such a joy.. which is a MUCH needed departure from the stress of everything else!

And on that note – back to the grind! 

With love and lumber, 

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  1. I can’t wait to see this all completed! If I know you (and I do!) it’s going to be incredible! I want an invite to the house warming! ❤ you so much!

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