A Clean Palette : Down To The Studs & Ready To Disco

The inside of our home, down to the studs.

Would you look at that?! Our once walled, habitable house is now little more than a wooden square – and already I feel so much better. 

Here’s a little peek into my mind and what to expect for next steps:

We are *just about* ready to rock and roll, people! After lots of road bumps, the restoration crew are pretty much done ripping out all of the soaked construction material and are ready to pass the torch to our contractor, Fernando. (You’ll meet him later – he’s an icon! 🌟) 

If HGTV has taught me one thing, it’s that this is where the magic starts. I’ve pretty much decided on a floor (the one photographed has since been ripped up – more on that soon) – but I’ve been a little quiet here because all these decisions are frankly overwhelming without a field guide. I think the best thing I did was create a mood board to keep my forever magpie mind on track – but now it’s time to get granular and start picking out specific finishes for each space, etc.

And while my mind’s a field of indecision – one thing’s for sure : I’m bringing you all along every step of the way, so get ready!

We’ve got a kitchen to design, appliances to pick, LIGHTING, bathroom flooring, and more to work on and that’s just the beginning. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will Maison Mon Coeur, but it’ll be fun. 

First things first though : I’m asking Instagram for help on picking the perfect Power Pink™ hard hat, complete with custom logo and bejeweling – and now it’s your turn. Should I go classic or cowboy?! Our first group decision! 💖
















Alright – back to the grind now. If any of you want to reach out to HGTV and have them lend a hand, my DMs are very open. 😉

Talk soon! 


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  1. HGTV – it actually stands for “Heidis Got This Victory”. I’ve got a million ideas for you. So exciting.

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