Interiors 101: Defining The Vibe

…And she’s back! 

While the restoration prep is still a dizzying mess of insurance approvals, moving logistics, and repairs quotes.. I’m taking a little time to step back and start dreaming.

To be honest, this whole house mess has taught me one thing : my design plans that I thought I had meticulously created were in fact NOT all that. SO RUDE.

But the truth is, in this real estate landscape, you put an offer in on a house and in less than 60 days you’re pulling up with a moving truck and throwing boxes into rooms you’ve barely had the chance to measure – let alone design. (And that’s if you’re lucky. We’ll explore the trauma of getting to the closing table in 2021 another day, preferably with a martini in hand.)

I’ve always known the general feeling I was going for – I was going to say it’s quite simple but that may make me do a spit take of this rosé champagne. So, I’ll lay it out for you!

Imagine if Liberace had a little glam pad tucked away in the Hollywood Hills of outer space, a-la The Jetsons.. where he regularly throws the most fabulous parties. Easy, no?! 


It sounds more complex than it is – technically (😴) it’s probably a fusion of Mid Century Modern meets Hollywood Regency meets a monochrome take on Art Deco, but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun. So, Liberace in space it is. Regardless, there will be disco balls and a pink piano – so welcome to my world. 

My brain’s still very much fried and I want to keep these posts conversational – so I’ll stop here for today. But let me know what you think!


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