On Silver Linings and Natural Disasters:

Well, reader – there’s no pretty way to put the veritable WTF nightmare we’ve been living through – so let’s just get it out there! 

Our beautiful little home with it’s beautiful new roof and floors had a bit of a tumble. And by that I mean, there was a storm and water flooded the entire main floor – through the light fixtures, and an eventual ceiling collapse! YAY! (Said no one ever.) 

We’ve got at least six months of reno and the joy of living with my parents in the meanwhile ahead of us – so maybe it’s the push I so badly needed to start ranting back here. OY. 

How exactly did it happen? It’s hard to say. There was an insane storm, somehow our bad drainage system wasn’t flagged by the inspector who I spent exactly *FIVE WHOLE HOURS* going every last detail of the house with, and just as we were wrapping up our Girls5Eva marathon on the couch – boom! Water. Everywhere. The kitchen. The living room. The formal living room. All essentially a waterpark. 

We’re so lucky that we and the puppies made it out safe – by some miracle it just so happened that this all went down while my parents were in town. They just closed on their new house in our neighborhood, so they zipped over and came to the rescue. We filled our cars with the things you remember during an emergency (entirely sentimental, albeit not practical) and broke the garage door getting out. Did I mention this was at 1am? 

Of course, at this point there’s no furniture at their house either – other than a bed and a table and chairs. Jon and I were up until 4am calling all the necessary parties -insurance, etc. and set up a makeshift bed in the living room which will go down as one of the craziest nights of my life. It better be, anyway! 

So, fast forward a few weeks and a positive asbestos test later – we’re on the brink of a whole house gut (with new drains – clearly!). Obviously not what we had in plan, but we’re rolling with the punches and I’m starting to watch all the HGTV reno shows that were bringing me dread and despair a few days ago to gather inspiration. It’s not every day that you get to completely reimagine your house, even if it is paid for with a god-like amount of patience. 

Which brings me to what I’m hoping to bring here: 

My thought process! Maybe it’ll be helpful, maybe not. Entertaining? I hope so. Decidedly Hollywood Regency? Definitely. A mid century masterpiece? A girl can dream. But I feel as though it’s all very long overdue and while I do forget often, this space is supposed to serve as a diary of sorts so perhaps all of this stress will finally push me to using it as such. Fingers crossed.

To sunnier days ahead,
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