We Bought A House!


I cannot tell you how long I’ve wanted to make this post, but I’ll be honest – there’s been very rare moments over the last few months that I haven’t been covered in paint, charging our power tools, or scouring every corner of the internet for the most perfect vintage furniture.. so it’s had to wait!

Here’s what you need to know:

I’m so proud to announce (here) that after about a year of on an off house hunting, 3 realtors, and nearly giving up all together before a literal miracle happened, we bought a house! It’s a dreamy little oasis with a mansard roof and tucked into the almost laughably perfect lush, green, full of woodland creatures neighborhood that has us completely smitten. 

But of course – there’s always something. The house was painted a hideous brown top to bottom (inside and out!) and distinctly not ready for my dizzying hurricane of glamour to hit, so I’m excited to take you on the journey of getting it there! 

This is very much the before – and while every bone in my Leo Rising/Virgo Sun body wants the house to be absolutely PERFECT before sharing it, I know that’s not any fun. I’m trying my very best to push past the perfectionist blocks so I can start sharing the good, bad, and downright *messy* with you (see: laundry room disasters, kitchen cabinet breakdowns, and many, many broken tiles.. yay!) so we can enjoy it together. Y’all watch enough HGTV (OBVIOUSLY I do too, why else would I take on a project like this?!) so I’m throwing my hat into the ring to show you the reality without the script and producers. Maybe some lighting if I don’t get enough sleep – I’m only human, after all. 😉

BUT I can promise you this : there will be, and already are chandeliers everywhere. Brass is happening. Facebook marketplace has been so, so good to us. And the glamour is.. getting there. And most importantly – the documenting starts today!

Welcome to Maison Mon Coeur. 💖

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